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New plants are given out randomly, so sometimes it will take a while to get one. Also in my experience, the game seems to favour giving you chocolate for Stinky the Snail first. Try keeping the chocolate until you have 10 the maximum and perhaps you will gain more plants. There is no survival mode in the iOS version yet, but they seem to add new features more mini-games, puzzle mode from the other versions every few months, so it may be added eventually. Survival Mode is in the iPad version of Plants vs.

Zombies, but it's missing from the iPhone and iPod Touch versions source. It's possible that it will be added in, though, because PopCap has a history of very gradually updating the mobile version of their games. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Does the iOS version have Survival mode? Ask Question. DisgruntledGoat DisgruntledGoat 2, 3 13 I'm somewhat dubious of them ever adding in Survival mode due to the nature of the iDevice game having the options to buy more coins and purchase ZG plants in the shop.

This guide will be broken down according to how every build must deal with the zombie pressure. Like any game with varied strategy, there is always preference for who wants to play what.

Possible Methods for “Plants VS. Zombies” Survival: Endless Mode

Cob Cannons are such a dominant force in Survival Endless that every build can be categorized by how many Cob Cannons there are. Before we go into the detail of Cob Cannons, I shall introduce you to the regionalization of the map. I will be using Last Stand as an easy means to show theoretical concepts, because it has the exact same map Pool: Day as Survival Endless. The map is symmetrical, therefore there is always a top region corresponding to a bottom region that deals with the exact same pressures but not necessarily at the exact same time.

For simplicity, I will refer to each as pairs. The pairs of rows in the water are referred to as Pool Rows. The pairs of rows closest to the edge of the pool are called Inner Rows. And finally, the outermost rows furthest from the pool are Outer Rows. This is very easy to visualize. This is that way for good reason. No plant can survive there. You will find out very shortly that the primary difficulty of surviving Survival Endless comes from fighting the ground forces. The Zomboni, Giga, and Catapult zombies will make quick work of anything placed there, even with maximum possible DPS damage per second from Torchwood plus Gatling with Glooms helping out.

The corresponding brown region column 7 counting from the left behind the death zone is reserved for highly replaceable plants, because they serve as a buffer and will undoubtedly come into contact with all sorts of zombies. Only put easily replaceable plants here. The orange region behind that columns 5 and 6 counting from the left are important because they are very safe. Unless a zombie breaks your front lines, these plants will see very little action. Imps are thrown over it, and everything else attacks other regions before they get to this one. This is a very good place for Cob Cannons because of that.

It is also the best determiner for how healthy your base is because this IS your main line. If any of the plants in this area are compromised for long, you will have some serious worrying to do. The green region behind that columns 3 and 4 are no different from the orange region except that they are vulnerable to Imps from the Gargantuars. This restricts them from being Cob spots, but Pumpkins allow any other plant to be there. The main concern of this region is what should be done to take care of those Imps and the remaining spots are used toward helping out the rest of the build.

The final back region, which happens to be blue and columns 1 and 2 , has very special properties because of the unique pressures it has to face.

jeffwongdesign: Plants vs Zombies, how to beat Survival Endless on iPad.

Catapult zombies go directly for your 1st column of plants, so this region MUST contain an Umbrella plant. The remaining 3 slots must then protect the base from Digger zombies that also happen to target the 1st column. If that's not enough, this area must also handle the Imps who overshoot the previous green region. Only Dolphins and Jacks will give you trouble. Notice how you can plant things right up front because of the easier nature of these zombies. The first region, the red columns 8 and 9 , represent the area that will be directly dealing with the mass of regular zombies, but there is always the constant threat of an immediate Jack explosion.

The Jack steps onto the map and explodes instantly after, taking out either one or both of the plants in that region. Although very rare, it can happen at any time without warning. The white region behind that columns 5, 6, and 7 is a very stable area because only Dolphins and ambush zombies that pop from underwater at the middle and end of the level nibble at your plants.

This area will require constant Pumpkins most of the time. The backmost purple region of the pool columns 1, 2, 3, and 4 is completely and utterly safe. You will lose before these plants are compromised. They serve as good Cob spots or areas to put your Twin Sunflowers. That concludes all the regions of the map. These plants get 50 sun more expensive for every instance of that plant on the field in Survival Endless, which is a unique restriction for this mode.

Many plants start costing sun at any given point. People would assume that using cheaper unupgraded plants would be the way to go, but the goal of using upgrade plants is to make a build so good, by maximizing the effectiveness of each tile, that losing the expensive plant is extremely rare. The reason why we categorize builds by number of Cobs is because not every build has Cobs, but every known successful build up to this point has Glooms. These guys have unparalleled DPS to all the zombies within a 1 tile radius of itself. With enough of these guys, everything will fall. They do have a few weaknesses, though.

They suffer most from the upgrade plant penalty. They also have a long cooldown, so they can only be built or replaced one at a time in between long intervals. They are also extremely vulnerable to Jacks. Jacks can take out Glooms in an instant, and are considered very dangerous for this reason.

Since Glooms are the bread and butter of nearly every build, the survival of the build is contingent on keeping them alive. Replace as soon as possible. Cob Cannon: While the Glooms are required by every build, the Cob Cannons are extremely influential in how you play your build. These guys require two slots and cannot use Pumpkins. So, any spot where any zombie has a decent chance of nibbling on these plants will be off-limits.

They can easily cost sun just like Glooms, have a long cooldown, and the void left by their death can definitely be felt. They work exactly like Cherry Bombs with their blast radius, which is a 3x3 area centered on where you click. A lot of builds are designed around the constant use of extreme force of these explosions at the front of the map. One can come up with interesting layouts to make their base less vulnerable to Bungees with this information. Fume Shroom: This mushroom is the little cousin of the Gloom.

While these do not attack nearly as fast as the Gloom does, their range is a lot longer. They, like their cousin, attack all units in their range, which happens to be exactly the 4 tiles in front of them. This has certain advantages and complements the weakness of Glooms rather beautifully.

These guys are extremely useful for taking out Jacks and Zombonis, in addition to adding more DPS to everything in the row. Combinations of Fumes and Glooms can make you immune to Jacks, which is very important as we shall see later on. They also have a low cost and low cooldown, which makes them easily replaceable, but you do need the Coffee Bean. Their overall DPS contribution is small so their priority is less.

Melon-Pults should not be used in Survival Endless. There has been some controversy over their DPS vs. Very few builds can live without the synergy potential of snare. These guys attack their row at any distance and vary their initial timing, but it stays constant after that. It is highly recommend having at least one Winter-Pult in each row even Pool for this reason.

They all do well to cover for each other. There is nothing wrong with adding additional Winter-Pults to the important rows if the build benefits from it. They are mainly used as buffers for Gargantuars, actually. They are moderately expensive and their cooldown is also moderate. In Cob builds, they serve as a deterrent for Dancer zombies, Zombonis, and Gargantuars.

However, they cannot handle them alone. In this fashion, you can actually afford the upkeep. Another interesting application of Spikerocks is actually for Digger zombies. If placed in the far left column where the Digger zombies pop out, they will die before they reach the next plant. You can use them for Imps too, but then they can't be used for Diggers. They also can attack any and all zombies within range, ignoring shield damage, treating most zombies as the 10 hp lamers that they are, which is pretty cool.

Finally we have Fire Pea builds! These guys are really great at burning down just about anything, but it's tough to push back a huge wave when there's Zombonis and Screen Door zombies and Gigas to deal with. By themselves, they cannot manage certain units, but with the help of Freeze Shroom or Cob Cannons, there seems to be work-arounds. Their strength is that they melt things.

Their weakness is their inefficiency with their shot. If their shot gets blocked, they suck really hard. Diggers and Imps can get in the way real quick, so some players put a Split Pea in front of the Torchwood to handle both the Digger and the Imps in that row, since the Split peas can shoot a double fire shot backward.

But there are still a lot more limitations to them.

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They only damage things right up in front, and unsnare potentially dangerous zombies. Unsnared Gigas are scary. They're fun builds and they're useful if you want a challenge. That concludes the offensive plants. Now, we shall move on to the niche plants. Umbrella Plant: These guys are absolutely necessary, end of story. They serve the function of blocking within a 1 tile radius of their placement the Catapult shots, which ignore your Pumpkins and destroy your plants with just a couple of hits. The Catapult zombie will always attack the backmost plant of its row, so it is required that you put an Umbrella Plant in the blue region on the map ground columns 1 or 2 because only in those spots can the Umbrella reach the back.

For builds where you potentially leave the back columns open, it'll still attack the farthest back planted tile, so you cannot avoid it. After that, Catapult zombies can be ignored. Umbrella Plants also have the added bonus of blocking Bungees from stealing your plants. Aside from the necessary 2, you can have additional ones in your map. You can make interesting designs using a combination of Umbrella Plants, Cob Cannons, and Gloom Shrooms to block off your valuable plants from this threat. You need two of these Cattails to take care of air indefinitely. Cattails attack the closest zombie to them always air first and continue sending lagging shots to a unit until it is dead.

The closer they are to their target, the less downtime they have in between target switches, which means more DPS. Cattails are also not necessary and as an alternative you can bring along a Blover. Twin Sunflowers: These should be kept in safe spots and in spots that are not very useful for other offensive plants. The number of Twins required will be dependant on your play style. If you must make regular use of Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Squash, and Freeze Shroom, then will be your recommended amount, because you also have to deal with Jack accidents and Pumpkins.

If you rely on Cobs and little use of items, you can get away with Twins depending on the skill of the player and the maintenance required of the layout. Gold Magnet: For those who want to use Survival Endless as a means of getting money, having about 2 of these on the map gets the vast majority of coins that drop. A lot of optimized Survival builds are designed for those who are way past their need for money and are only it for the challenge. So, you can usually take one of these builds and replace 2 of the less necessary plants for Gold Magnets. This is a no-brainer, an absolute must, and I usually forget that this is even a plant.

Whether or not you need the Imitater version of this depends on the maintenance requirements of your build, which is the sum of your debt accumulated by Imp, Digger, Dolphin, and Football zombies. Jack-In-The-Box Zombie: Jacks are quite possibly the simplest and most complex special zombies of Survival Endless. Alas, Survival Endless actually requires thinking, and we have our thanks to these guys, the killer of Gloom builds. They can be worked around. They are of average health, equivalent to all the other bipedal specialist zombies 17hp and they attack normally too.

Their one special feature is that at seemingly random intervals, they explode and take out anything within a 1 tile radius. This can be disastrous for close range plants because there seems to be no way around getting close with the zombie horde all the time. For inner row Jacks, you require two pool Glooms and 1 Fume that attacks off-screen. The Fume can be closer but not too close for obvious reasons. Immediate Jack explosions should not plague you as long as you satisfy those conditions.

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I've never personally witnessed a Jack explosion with this setup, but the rarity of Jack accidents requires a humungous sample size before we could get statistical confidence. For some odd reason, that exact distance from the right edge makes the build perfectly immune, no matter what. As it turns out, the farther back you move it, the more vulnerable to Jacks it becomes. Just remember that every tile you scale back, you lose 2 possible spots to be used for other plants, like Winter-Pults.

The positions at which they explode are constant and occur usually as they cross the border from one tile to another. This a rough estimate and not necessarily true the farther back in the base you let them go. Also, the farther they get, the more likely chance they have of blowing up since their missed opportunities for exploding continue to go up. One blows up and takes out a Gloom, so the other 2 live, then another blows up a couple seconds later, and so on. This means that a chain of Jacks can take out 3 Glooms in an instant, possibly 4 if they take out your replacement before it can help.

That is also something to keep in mind and Jacks are always to be taken seriously. Now, for Jack recovery, I'm going to assume you've sustained heavy losses, otherwise there's nothing to recover from and you're fine and dandy. But that will not always be the case. It is definitely within your interest to figure out which. Drop everything and assess the situation. Once you have a successful endless build, the only serious threat are these guys, so there is never harm in being too careful. If its Outer Row, depending on the setup, you're usually safe and it's a lot easier to notice the damage since you're not going to be having Zombies obscuring your plants on the main line.

Inner Row, on the other hand can get pretty messy when Gigas come out. The player has to hold off the zombie hordes for as long as possible, resembling the military act of laying siege to a castle.

The only ways for Survival: Endless to end are by getting the player's brains eaten or if they reset. At ,, flags, only Flag Zombies will come, and no zombies will be shown in the seed selection screen, until flag ,, After that, other zombies will come, although in small quantities and increase every flag. After ,, flags, the game will go to ,, flags due to an integer overflow , and the flag number will only show during the intermission every two flags. At ,,, only Flag Zombies will show up, until -1 flags, where Survival: Endless will be like normal. This only applies if Survival Endless is played in Day or Night stage.

If played in Pool, Fog or Roof, the game will crash after flag ,, and in some cases, the game refuses to launch until the Survival Endless game data is deleted. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?